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Protecting a Changing Planet

Calling it “the foundational challenge of the 21st Century,” Chris believes we have a moral responsibility to confront climate change


As the planet warms due to greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, Chris knows America must make renewable energy technologies a priority. Rising sea levels are real threats to our state and our nation, and the growing frequency of catastrophic weather events put us all at risk. The cost of doing nothing will be borne by generations to come. Chris supports President Obama’s carbon emission limits, calling them “the most significant action that any country has taken to halt the devastating warming of our planet.” He has called for a strategy that both attempts to slow the rate of climate change and responsibly prepares for the now-unavoidable impacts of those coming changes.


Meeting America’s growing energy needs will require us to diversify our energy supply and develop a wider array of renewable energy technologies. Chris has consistently supported clean energy tax incentives and believes that companies developing renewable energy technologies should get the same federal incentives that oil and gas companies currently enjoy. He has vocally resisted attempts to drill for oil off of Delaware’s beaches – receiving praise from the Sierra Club and other environmental groups for his strong positions. Chris also believes America needs to take market-based steps toward modernizing its energy supply. A clean energy standard would send a strong signal to the private sector that smart investments in domestic energy resources and alternative technologies would be wise ones.


Chris cares deeply about the quality of our air, soil and water, and voted 10 times to protect the EPA’s long-established authority to regulate polluters. He also knows Delaware gets more than its fair share of pollution from coal-fired plants in the Midwest and believes a strong EPA is necessary to enforce emission standards at those facilities.


Finding innovative ways to reduce energy consumption is perhaps the most basic way to improve our environment. He’s supported a plan to make sweeping efficiency upgrades at federal facilities and save billions in energy costs. He also wants to make efficiency a priority in new residential, commercial and industrial construction via updates to respective building codes. Chris supports assisting low-income families weatherize their homes to help them save on utility bills reduce their energy consumption.


  • Sponsored S.1213, the Weatherization Enhancement and Local Efficiency Investment and Accountability Act (Introduced June 2013)
  • Sponsored S.1308, the Energy Savings Through Public-Private Partnerships Act of 2013 (Introduced July 2013)
  • Sponsored S.795, the Master Limited Partnership Parity Act (Introduced April, 2013)
  • Cosponsored S.2146, the Clean Energy and Energy Standard Act of 2012 (Introduced, March 2012)
  • Cosponsored S.1392, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (Introduced, May 2013)

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