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Gun violence

Chris believes that every American deserves the right to live without fear of gun violence in their communities. That’s why he is one of the strongest, most influential voices in the Senate for gun safety legislation. Chris has shown time and again that he’s not afraid to stand up to the NRA, and he has […]

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Civil rights

Our nation is at a moment of reckoning. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Breonna Taylor, and dozens of other Black American men, women, and children have lost their lives in acts of brutality. They were murdered, often by the very folks sworn to serve and protect all of us. It’s clear that […]

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Women’s rights

Chris believes that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights. Throughout his career, he has made it a priority to fight for women in Delaware and throughout the country. Chris is a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade, and he believes that decisions about a woman’s health – including pregnancy – […]

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Jobs and the economy

Chris believes that every Delawarean, and every American, should be able to provide for themselves and their families. He also knows that in order for our country to succeed, we need to build an economy that prioritizes workers and families first, not corporate shareholders and the wealthiest Americans. Chris knows that in today’s economy, it’s […]

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Criminal justice reform

Chris was a key supporter of the First Step Act, the landmark criminal justice reform bill that was passed into law in late 2018, after years of hard work and negotiations.   He hasn’t stopped there, though. Chris is still working to reform our criminal justice system by making the sentencing system more just and more […]

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Chris knows that we are a nation of immigrants, and that for generations, immigrants have been vital to our country’s success. Chris is a leading voice for comprehensive immigration reform, and was outspoken against the Trump Administration’s cruel policies, his nationalist, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and his proposal to build a wall along the southern border.  Chris […]

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Addressing the climate crisis

Chris believes that climate change represents an existential threat to Delaware (America’s lowest-lying state), our country, and the entire planet – and that we have to act boldly and quickly to address it. That’s why Chris is a leading voice in the effort to pass legislation to put a price on carbon emissions, one of […]

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Health care

Chris believes that access to quality, affordable health care is a right, not a privilege, and he’s fighting harder than ever to make this a reality for all of us.  Chris helped to introduce and pass multiple significant relief packages during COVID-19 to benefit all Americans. These bills have included: Billions of dollars to increase […]

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